09 April 2006

Yes, Arnold, Maybe It Is A Thumos

      So what-- at such long last-- could finally stir the Not-So-Good Doc to post an entry on this blog?  Believe it or not, and I only barely do, it's this article about the current state of gender theory, couched as a review of Harvey Mansfield's Manliness, from The Weekly Standard.  It's a clever, observant, and almost unerringly astute discussion that broaches issues all-too-commonly dismissed these days, days in which gallantry is expected but sneered upon as an insincere projection, and in which the term "gender neutrality" is cognate with "gender neutered" in practice but not in theory.  Best of all, it's written by a woman-- and a wonderfully tough-minded but intellectually-patient woman at that.  Hurrah, hurrah and huzzah.

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