24 April 2006

Bard Times

     Reading this summary of the plans for The Complete Works of William Shakespeare, it occurred to this blog to posit this to my readers:  What would be the most disturbing production of Shakespeare you could imagine-- if you dare?  Added level of difficulty: Do not cite a production that has actually happened.  (This gets rid of Keanu Reeves as Hamlet right away.)  So, c'mon, what's the most dreadfully Avon-garde production you can fathom-and-half?  Try to avoid, if you can, the obvious combinations, like those involving Jessica Simpson playing Cleopatra, her barge like a bikini-burnished throne and her something-something beaten gold.
     Personally, I'm waiting, with a Jaques-like despair, for the David Mamet version of As You Like It.  Joe Mantegna as Touchstone?  Natch...
     Utterly unrelated post-script:  As my marking continues, a recurring error that's cause for contemplation:  apparently several of my charges believe that a "one-night stand" is a "one nightstand."  Should I find this, er, alarming?  Then again, both usually do involve wood in some way....

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