13 January 2006

He's The Same Boy He Used To Be

Tony Valeri     No wonder he was given the position of "Government House Leader."  Harrumph
     None of this surprises me in the least.  Valeri has to my mind been one of the most vile members of the PM's inner circle, as evidenced so plainly two years ago in his gormless participation in the political assassination of the only-slightly less-detestable Sheila Copps.  Personally, I'll be elated if this scheming, self-aggrandizing Macchiavel is given a pink-slip next Monday.  And at least in Hamilton, that can happen without getting on the Harper bandwagon.  Thank heavens for minor mercies.
     (Ironically, last year, the Not-So-Good Doctor did some indirect, and very minor, copywriting work for the engineering company named in the article.  Go figure.  It's a small town after all....)

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