12 January 2006

The Common Touch

     Heard recently in beer-flavoured conversation:  "Stephen Harper has become quite the tactile politician."  Oh really? Why, Stephen, we hardly knew....
     By the way, this blog hardly wants to get in the habit of remarking on the silly twists and turns of this election campaign, but the Liberal self-annihilation has been remarkable to watch.  Martin's decision to make the notwithstanding clause an issue in the leaders' debate has to have been the final act of seppuku.  What politician-- what person?-- of even miniscule intellect would want-- nay, dare-- to make the constitution an issue again?  Most of my compatriots would rather be sodomized with Pringles containers than tinker with the constitution again, the former being an agony that at least be over with sooner or later.  Martin can only hope that the press can verify that Stephen Harper eats babies, slowly and with a tangy orange sauce, if he's going to have even a chance at re-election.  Goodnight sweet Paul, and it's time to go (ba-doom-ba-doom)

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