17 November 2005

Ear's Pokin' At You, Kid

      Received this from the T.S. Eliot mailing list today, and it was too good not to share here:

So, why did Zeus and Hera have to ask Tiresias whether men or women enjoyed sex more? This is what one person submitted to Scott Adams who just published it in "Dilbert Newsletter 62.0:"

One of my co-workers (who is originally from Arkansas, just FYI) told me one day that he knew for a fact that sex feels better for women than it does for men. I asked, "How do you figure that?" His reply was (and I am not making this up!), "Because when you put your finger in your ear and wiggle it around, it feels better to your ear than it does to your finger."
Beware, gentlemen: repeat this, and you'll lose your fingeramajig as certainly as Tiresias did.

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