12 November 2005

The Drudge Report

      Ah, argh, it will be a familiar refrain by now: Sorry for not updating, things have been busy, I have essays, essays, everywhere, and haven't felt much at all like blogging lately....   I'm sure you're all spinning your eyes, understandably so. Worse, this entry isn't going to remedy anything.   Shrug.   I think I may be becoming the Dalai Lama of ambivalence, appropriately enough considering there's a whole Lhasa nuthin' goin' on.   Marking time, indeed.   Blehhhh.......

      But all goes well enough, I suppose, though grading student papers seems to take about five times as long as it used to take.   Yawn, I should probably try write something more substantial here, but work beckons-- natteringly and pointlessly, like a Sex and the City teleplay, but not quite so insufferably.   I should to it.   Until, well, whenever I can be bothered to add more here.

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