18 October 2005

This Is Just To Say

      No, no-- I am not going to indulge in a pastiche of Williams' famous poem, tempted as I might be to do so.   No, this is just a short entry to allay (pre-emptively) some of the concerns about the Not-So-Good Doctor's apparent return to oblivion-- or obliviousness, whichever seems more appropriate.   The Doc's innate lethargy, combined with the frustration dealing with allergies, is making even the simple task of blogging inordinately difficult, to say nothing of trying.   When I'm not sneezing, I'm rubbing my eyes with a ferocity more appropriate to a recently-wisened Oedipus.   I guess it goes without saying that-- insert anticipatory groan here-- the Jocasta's on me.

      Anyway, today the Doc ventures up to Tokyoronto where he will, among other things, attempt to teach John Milton's Lycidas for the first time.   My charges, I suspect, will be suitably intimidated by the poem, and I have a sneaking suspicion that whatever gets accomplished today will only be an initial step into the deep.   I can my students echoes already mourning.   Wish me-- or, more appropriately, them-- luck.

      Now, off to earn my minor pittance.   Until later. Cheers and best, everyone.

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