13 February 2006

A Million Little Fleeces

     If you're Canadian, you're probably aware of the controversy surrounding Prime Minister Harper's first cabinet, particularly the galling appointment of the unelected Michel Fortier to Public Works portfolio and the odious crossing of the floor by former Liberal David Emerson straight into International Trade.  The appointments are under such intense scrutiny that key opposition figures are calling on the Ethics Commissioner to investigate, and even some Conservative MPs-- like Garth Turner and Myron Thompson-- are crying foul.  (To say nothing of the almost 15,000 signatories of this online petition to recall Emerson.)   Although it'd be premature to suggest that the Conservatives have already squandered their credibility before the House of Commons even commenced sitting, it is clear the Harper government has started off so badly that even the recently-disgraced Liberals are murmuring about a return to power.  I like John Manley's quip:  "David Emerson really is a great Liberal. In one move, he united the Liberals and divided the Tories."  Welcome to the wild and wacky world of Canuckistani politics in which a government cannot be in power for a week-- a single bloody week-- without commiting an affront to the voting public.  Wheeeee!!!
     For the record, Mr Emerson-- now effectively the James Frey of Canadian politics-- does not seem to realize (or to care) why so many people are livid with him.  I wonder if we could get Mr Emerson to appear on Oprah so she could explain to him about feeling duped.  Or maybe Vicki Gabereau.  Ah, the more things change, the more they stay the same....

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